to experience thursday's programming, purchase a day pass for $150 (tuesday and saturday are $50/day pass, wednesday - friday are $150/day pass) and join us for the entirety of the DWF programming for the day in the main space of the beautiful jam handy building. you may also purchase a week pass or a week pass + a dinner ticket. 

workshops and saturday's dinner are ticketed and priced separately, and are listed below the included programming. 


jam handy main space, 7 – 8am

enjoy coffee + breakfast pastries from the red hook and conversation with flower friends.

jam handy main space, 8 – 8:30am

a little self care to start our day.

jam handy main space, 9 – 11am

grow up! julia bell, creative director and horticulturist at succulent gardens nursery will share tips and tricks on wall-mounted succulent containers. from living murals to lush cascades to crisp, modern statements, succulents work beautifully in a variety of ready-made and diy hanging systems. plant and container selection, planting techniques, irrigation and maintenance will be discussed while we create beautiful arrangements live! 

jam handy main space, 12 – 2pm

known for her lush, whimsical, garden inspired style, floral designer and teacher, ariella chezar will share her story and design philosophy, followed by Q&A. 

jam handy main space, 3 – 5pm

leslie bennett is the owner of pine house edible gardens, an oakland-based landscape design firm that creates beautiful edible gardens and productive outdoor spaces. she is co-author of the beautiful edible garden (ten speed press, 2013). 

leslie designs gardens that provide as much visual enjoyment as they do harvests of delicious organic food and organic flowers and foliage for cutting. her company puts together a unique set of design, fine gardening and organic food and flower farming skills, for people who want help creating aesthetically designed, organic edible gardens. pine house offers design, installation, full service maintenance & harvesting, floristry and garden coaching services.  

leslie's work has been featured in sunset magazine, c magazine, los angeles times, san francisco chronicle, and visit

you will learn how to create your own dream garden -- you know, the one that produces delicious fresh fruits and vegetables to eat, is overflowing with blooms and foliage for arrangements to bring indoors, and that also looks so awesomely gorgeous all the time it makes you crazy inspired and happy to come home and and hang out in all weekend! using a plant palette that includes fruit trees, berries, vegetables, herbs, edible flowers, cutting flowers, and unusual foliage, leslie bennett, co-author of the beautiful edible garden, shares how to create beautiful and productive outdoor spaces. join leslie for a discussion of how to grow food and flowers beautifully at home, including designing dedicated kitchen and cutting flower gardens, and utilizing perennial edible and ornamental plants throughout your landscape for year-round beauty and harvest.

jam handy main space, 6 – 8pm

emily approaches her work as a collaboration with the wild hand of nature, drawing the eye to the infinite glory of the living world with our piercing contrasts and juxtapositions of materials. trained in sculpture, emily brings her sense of form and volume as well as context and architecture to the work.  for her sometimes ornate, other times austere and stripped-back designs, she seeks out rare, underused, and unlikely flowers, seed pods, branches and undergrowth to achieve design that is anti-commercial in sensibility, creating desire for the undesirable and love for the hard-to-love.  emily disavows factory-farmed conventional flowers in favor of the great chase, except when she works to breathe life back into those flowers who have been stripped of their character and dignity by ill-use.

emily's materials come from local growers whenever possible, and she champions the uncultivated treasures brought to her by a network of foragers.  she strives to always bring the eye back to the forest and field, the swamp and the bog.

drinks + food, katoi, 8pm –

workshops and saturday's dinner are ticketed and priced separately, and are listed below the included programming. 


botanical couture + woodlands workshop, jam handy workshop space, 10am – 4pm (two day workshop, continued on friday)

for françoise, the woodlands sprouted from a childhood memory that took a life of its own. using foliage, bark, berries, seedpods, twigs, mushrooms, herbs and some flowers, we’ll explore how to make woodland bouquets as well as centerpieces. 
in this workshop you will learn the mechanics behind creating textural and detailed designs that will expand the way you think about flowers. 

we’ll explore different ideas for botanical headpieces, purses and jewelry; we will discuss sourcing materials and the mechanics involved to create a variety of these unique designs.

aluminium wire will be manipulated to create the base for botanical rings, bracelets and necklaces. these beautiful detailed pieces will make for unique accessories for any event or wedding.

in this two day workshop, you will hone your artistic talents and will be encouraged to listen to your intuition and further your own vision.

this is a separately ticketed two day workshop, priced at $1185, and includes a day pass for both thursday, october 13th and friday, october 14th.

to smell a rose workshop, botanical marketplace, 9 – 11am

interested in the alchemical science and magic of plants, monique mixes up botanical perfume  in her ferndale studio. alchemy is a naturalistas daydream of a hideaway that features facials, body art and life-style boutique.

on a daily basis our sense of smell is assaulted. in many ways we have been trained away from the appreciation of the subtler natural fragrance in favor of the fakey man-made options.

there is a movement afoot to reintroduce people to the world of natural fragrance with perfumes created only with natural elements (like flowers and roasted sea shells).

this workshop is an appreciation in the fragrance of one iconic flower: the rose. in a single flower we can experience how terroir and method of extraction influence fragrance -- how the humble lemon can elevate even a rose... the evolution of the fragrance of rose leaf absolute worn on the skin.

through one flower we begin to see how vast our options are when wearing scent from flowers instead of made in a factory and learn to smell again. this workshop is a hands-on tour of the rose with a take away natural perfume. 

this is a separately ticketed workshop, priced at $75, and you must also purchase a day pass to enter the DFW main space to attend this workshop. 

wall hanging workshop, jam handy loft, 10am – 1pm

join us for a fun afternoon of macrame! you will learn a few basic knots and make your very own macrame wall hanging from start to finish. all the supplies you need are included. we provide rope, driftwood and some small surprises. whether you are making the piece for yourself or a special someone, these three hours will be packed with learning something new, making something beautiful, and having fun. 

this is a separately ticketed workshop, priced at $150. you must also purchase a day pass to enter the DFW main space to attend this workshop. 

still life workshop, jam handy workshop space, 2-5pm

students will be creating a still life display using seasonal fruits, flowers, berries, herbs, lush blooms, vines, and the like that spill from
gorgeous vessels and designed with complimentary companion arrangements to create a painterly tableau. colors will be rich and moody with emphasis on the best flowers of the season.

this is a separately ticketed and priced workshop, priced at $425. you must also purchase a day pass to enter the dfw main space to attend this workshop.