Floral Renaissance: A Revived Interest in the Classics (the Detroit Flower Week Dinner), the detroit public library, 8-11pm

join us as we celebrate a rebirth of sustainability, food and flowers. set beneath a floral installation created by london designer joseph massie, we’ll enjoy a five course meal and beverage pairings created by detroit's most talented chefs.

produced by sustainable event coordination company detroit cultivated, the night will be full of surprises! first, our home for the evening will be the historic treasure, which is generally closed to the public for private events,  adam strohm hall on the third floor of the detroit public library.

detroit ento and chefs kieron hales (zingerman’s cornman farms), brad greenhill (katoi), nikita sanches (rock city eatery), and heather anne (sweet heather anne) will move us from course to course. 

a communal dining experience like no other, we’ll be seated together amongst some of the most notable floral designers from around the world.

throughout the evening, we’ll be enlightened on the cultural change and achievement surrounding the slow flower movement. many of us know about the slow food movement, and for some of us it has changed our relationship with the foods in our lives. the slow food movement helps us place an emphasis on food that is good, clean, and fair. now the slow flower movement is changing the way we think about cut flowers. slow flowers is a movement to help consumers find the best u.s. floral designers who are committed to sourcing from chemical-free, american flower farms.

frequently referred to by the media as ‘the floral artist of his generation’, joseph massie (27) is widely regarded as one of europe’s top botanical and floral artists. with a clutch of prestigious awards, joseph turned his attentions to artistic endeavours working across ten countries, on a wide variety of art projects including botanical couture, sculptures and installations. his school, the uk school of floristry teaches 400+ students a year everything from amateur and beginners classes through to elite floral art and design masterclasses with the worlds leading educators, whilst his flower design studio, joseph massie flowers was responsible this year for the floral decor at the weddings of ciara & russell Wilson and samia ghadi & sylvain longchambon, alongside numerous other luxury weddings and events across the uk.

detroit ento is detroit's first sustainable protein firm, focusing on locally reared insects for food, feed and pharma. at the heart of detroit ento, our care and focus go deeply into food, the environment and the socio-economic conditions that keep individuals impoverished. from this, we maintain a strong, long-term focus and commitment toward hiring and building ag-tech and manufacturing skills development for local detroiters, so that the next generation can be adequately equipped to take on the diverse challenges of food production and population growth.

hailing from the english countryside, chef kieron hales brings extensive culinary experience to zingerman’s cornman farms. from cooking for the royal family to bringing his talents stateside to cook for three u.s. presidents, chef hales is a true asset to the zingerman’s team. his passion for culinary excellence coupled with his innate sense for business inspired kieron to open cornman farms and transform it into the luxury event venue it is today. the 42-acre property opened its doors in may 2014 and specializes in weddings, corporate and culinary events.

in addition to wearing his chef’s hat, kieron wears many other hats to bring his vision for the farm to life. overseeing both the operational aspects of the business as well as the creative direction, he takes great pride in curating the production gardens, creating seasonally driven menus, teaching cooking classes, guiding farm tours, providing great service, mentoring his team and sharing his love and knowledge of food with everyone he encounters. kieron’s zest for life, specifically food, is contagious. his attention to detail and quality is unparalleled and it is evident when given the opportunity to enjoy one of his meals.

chef brad made italian food. in fact, chef brad made a lot of things—records, websites, friends with bartenders—but that's another story. anyway, he'd been making italian food for years. for a time in ann arbor. for a time in boston. but mostly in his kitchen and his friends' kitchens—serving first to his friends and later to strangers. over time he found himself drawn to the philosophy of balance found in se asian cooking. lime was replacing lemon, fish sauce was replacing salt, coconut milk was vying with dairy. and then katoi! 

moscow native, nikita sanches, has been wowing detroit eaters (and beyond) with his local restaurant rock city eatery. opening their expanded location in detroit's midtown in early september, sanches is known for stirring up risk-taking entrees and excellent pies.

sweet heather anne's love for cake design stems from an education in art, a passion for food, and a childlike refusal to believe that there is anything i cannot create. while attending the university of michigan school of art and design, she packed up her paintbrushes to study abroad in florence. though she had hoped that immersing myself in the realm of the italian masters would rub off on my artistic prowess, she found myself more interested in the perfect foam atop my cappuccino.

upon returning to the states, her newfound passion for food seeped into my art making. for her art school thesis, she dedicated herself to forming the same connection to food in michigan that she had experienced in italy. after working with food producers and artisans in the ann arbor area, she created a series of edible monuments to honor each one. 

before opening sweet heather anne, she took time to carefully refine my craft: developing and refining her palate with eve aronoff at eve the restaurant and braving food network cake challenges as an assistant to courtney clark of cake nouveau. 

in collaboration with the detroit food academy, the floral renaissance dinner and it’s underlying preparations will serve as a mentorship program to three local young adults with an interest in the culinary arts and floral design. 

detroit-based double winter will be providing tunes throughout the evening. their sound is holly johnson’s expressive basslines and cooly detached vocals, vittorio vettraino’s inexhaustible supply of inspiring guitar, augusta morrison’s ear for harmonic coloring via violin and morgan mcpeak’s bouncing rock syncopations. double winter’s artistery seems to leave its members somewhat free in their aural space, yet they play with synergy.